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Created in 2018, Intissimo founders Rachel & Sanmae envisioned a brand that gives women comfort, luxury and versatility. The launch of our handmade lace robe collection established Intissimo as a one of the top choices for delicate & dreamy bridal robes. From then, the brand has expanded to include loungewear and nightwear. We create timeless designs that can keep you stylish whether at home or outside. Here at Intissimo, we understand that time is important to you. Hence, we have focused to bring you loungewear that blurs the lines between sleepwear and ready to wear. Isn’t it efficient to always be ready to grab a quick coffee outside or head out for a midnight dessert run?

Comfy Silhouettes

We are committed to bring you relaxed and classy designs time and time again. We know that great deep sleep only comes when you are in pure ease and comfort. That is why unrestricted comfort is our topmost priority but we take it to the next level by ensuring elegance and effortless style is present.

Day and Night Versatility

Wear our pyjama sets with stilettos or with slippers. It’s great for staying in and perfect for a night out. We know how important it is for the modern on-the-go women to be ready for impromptu get togethers on a Sunday evening. Leave it to us, we’ll make sure to take care of your sleepwear, casual wear and nighttime wear. What’s important to us is that you could be on your way to any occasion in comfort, fashion and luxury.

Light & Soft Fabric

Don't you love it when your clothing is light and soft? We highly value comfort. We prioritize the lightness of the fabrics we use. Made of 100% premium silk, you'll fall asleep in the soft embrace of our cool sleepwear. 

Our Inspiration

Intissimo is inspired by the woman who inspires others through her works, her passions, her relationships and her love. We love being able to help women sleep better to seize the next day. You are our inspiration. You inspire us to curate clothings that calms the restlessness in all of us. This is OUR Intissimo.